Sustainable Investing Process

The concept of “Yield Positive” is that everyday investors can generate positive financial returns & positive impact. This double positive approach to investing is also known as sustainable investing.

How does one become a sustainable investor? Based on research from ideas42there are three key barriers adoption of sustainable investing, as seen below. In this post, we will explain how Yield Positive can address each one and help guide you through the sustainable investing process.


This stage of the process is about education. There is a fundamental lack of information about sustainable investing.

Yield Positive is changing this by providing informational pieces about:


This stage of the process is about considering the relevance of sustainable investing to your own personal situation. Many people don’t think their actions will have impact.

Yield Positive provides blog posts about personal experiences of people who are doing sustainable investing and who are seeing their impact.


This stage is about making it easier to sustainably invest your money. Even people who know about sustainable investing and have considered the options often don’t make a change.  

Yield Positive provides reviews about savings accounts, advisors and robo-advisors, and brokerage accounts which are making it easier for people to take action.

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