Raise Green: Crowdfunding Investments in the Clean Energy Transition

Are you passionate about climate action? Are you looking for investment opportunities that aren’t listed on the volatile stock market? Raise Green offers a marketplace where everyone can invest in climate solutions. Investment minimums often start at $50.

Disclaimer: I am a Raise Green Impact Partner which means I might earn a small commission if you sign up.

How Does It Work?

Raise Green provides a platform for “crowdfunding” of impact investments. Funds are collected from different investors and then pooled to make a larger investment in a company or project. A minimum threshold is set for the amount to be raised by a specified close date. If the minimum is not raised, investors receive a full refund. Note that all investments carry risks and you should assess the risk factors of each investment opportunity.

Raise Green offers multiple security types including debt notes, preferred equity, convertible debt notes, and simple agreements for future equity (SAFE). Learn more about the structure and risk of each security type here. The opportunity will state which type of security is applicable.

Which Types of Companies or Projects Are Available?

Raise Green provides investment opportunities for entrepreneurs and community leaders who are powering the transition from dirty to clean energy. 

Investment opportunities listed on the Raise Green platform at the time of writing include:

  • Connecticut Green Bank’s Green Liberty Notes (5th Offer):
    • Investment in the Notes helps finance a program that gives zero-interest energy efficiency loans to small businesses, so they can reduce their energy costs and directly improve their bottom lines. 
    • One year debt note with a 4.75% interest rate.
    • Minimum Investment is $100.
  • Kilowatts For A Cause® Climate Impact Note:
    • Investment in the Notes will help finance the origination, building, operation, and maintenance of solar energy, energy storage, and EV charging assets for nonprofit and for-profit commercial & industrial building owners. Building owners and operators contract with the Company to have a solar system installed & operated on their property and purchase the energy at 5% less (target) than their current kWh rate.
    • Five year debt note with a 6% interest rate
    • Minimum investment is $500, with incremental amounts of $100 thereafter.
  • Green Island EV Corp. Climate Common Equity:
    • Investment will be used to fund Green Island EV Corp. (“GIEV”) is an early-stage company founded to manufacture commercial, microtransit electric vehicles in Green Island, New York.
    • Equity investment. GIEV shares are priced at $10/share resulting in a pre-money valuation of $16,300,000.
    • Minimum Investment is $100.
  • National Energy Improvement Fund (NEIF) Climate Action Preferred Investment Certificates:
    • Investment in the Certificates will fund fixed, guaranteed monthly payment financing programs to help improve the affordability of financing for essential energy and resilience improvements like heating, ventilation, Air-Conditioning (HVAC), roofing, lighting, and battery storage for homes and businesses.
    • Seven year preferred equity certificate with a 7.00% annual interest rate. 
    • Minimum investment is $1,000 and additional amounts may be invested in increments of $1,000 thereafter. 

Positives of investing on The Raise Green Platform?

I like the Raise Green platform because it offers a variety of investment types, with a range of risk profiles, all with a climate focus. There are a number of other crowdfunding platforms which offer sustainable investing opportunities but they require digging to find the climate investments. 

Investment platforms are often overwhelming. Raise Green, however, typically has a limited number of opportunities and a few “indications of interest”. This makes it easier to research and choose investment opportunities.

Raise Green offers investors a chance to invest as little as $50. This makes impact investing accessible to a wider audience. 

Challenges of Investing on the Raise Green Platform

Investing is complicated. Raise Green strives to simplify the process. However, under law, there still must be provided a significant amount of information to potential investees. Understanding these documents and the risk associated with each investment is time-consuming. 

The platform offers open investments and indications of interest. Indications of interest can be confusing. Indications of interest are a way for organizations to test the level of interest in an investments. No money can be accepted when an investors indicates interest. No commitment to investing is made.

Getting Started

To invest, first sign up for a Raise Green account. Personal information such as your income information and social security number are required under US federal law. Refer to the FAQs to learn what information is required. 

Once your account is set up, research the opportunities. Once an opportunity is selected, the transfer of investment funds is required. Confirmation about the investment and information about the next steps will be emailed to you. 

If you sign up for an account, please mention that you heard about Raise Green from me, Courtney Blodgett. Thank you!

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