ESG Investing Battle

ESG Investing Battle of Trump’s Agencies

2020 has already seen massive economic damage related to climate change. The fires on the West Coast were deemed “climate fires” by Governor Inslee of Washington. The cost of only the direct cost of the 2020 California fires is estimated at $20 billion. More than 2.5 million acres of land have burned in California by … Read more

Sustainable Investing Stories and Tips: Song and Sara

Becoming a sustainable investor and conscious consumer is a journey. Song Kim and Sara Shoff are sharing their journey via their podcast F***king Ethical. In this blog post, we will share Song and Sara’s sustainable investing stories and tips. Song’s Story & Tips Name: Song Kim Family background: Born in Korea, immigrated to the US … Read more


CHGX, a Truly Socially Responsible ETF

In this blog post, we will highlight a socially responsible exchange-traded fund (ETF). Change Finance offers the U.S. Large Cap Fossil Fuel Free ETF (CHGX). CHGX is an ETF that is truly socially responsible. Exchange-Traded Funds The first US exchange-traded funds (ETF) launched in 1993. Since then, ETFs have become one of the most popular … Read more

Climate Investing

As investors, there are several ways that we can do climate investing: corporate climate leaders investing, divesting, and shareholder action.